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Boston 2016: Thrills, chills, kisses and hugs

kirstenNow for the really hard part; how best to sum up a day of exhilaration, misery, heat, chills, cramps, kisses and hugs. Actually, the process of running the Boston Marathon is never about one day. Or one runner. It’s about months of training and the support you receive after countless (endless?) solo miles. Continue reading ‘Boston 2016: Thrills, chills, kisses and hugs’


Once a runner, now a jogger

OK, I admit it. Never would have even six months ago. But I was a runner then.

And for the 14 years beforehand, I vigorously – to myself anyhow – defended the fact that I was indeed a runner. Not a jogger.

So much has changed since I spent a few hours on an operating table. A stop in Hopkinton for a late-morning run today drove that point home. Continue reading ‘Once a runner, now a jogger’


Ashland to Heartbreak: A dry run

One door closes, another opens.

My training plan for this year’s Boston Marathon included the usual long distances, but I had/have a few specific workouts that I wanted to get in: 10 repeats up (and down) on a long, steep hill; two road races; and a trial run along most of the Boston course itself. Continue reading ‘Ashland to Heartbreak: A dry run’