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This one tops ‘em all

For Too Many Men on the Ice, there’s Bruins 5, Maple Leafs 4.

For Roughing the Passer, there’s the Greatest Comeback in Baseball History.

For Game 6 in ‘86, there’s the Greatest Comeback in Super Bowl History. Continue reading ‘This one tops ‘em all’


Michael Kennedy: Marathoner

It was hard not to be reflective on my run this morning. As I jogged from Ayer into Devens, several half-staff flags were in sight. My thoughts immediately went to Wednesday’s tragedy in Boston: 2 firefighters were killed battling a wind-driven blaze.

By late Wednesday, we learned their names and envied their efforts – they selflessly died while attempting to make sure no one else did. And they succeeded: there were no additional fatalities.

For a time, they were just names – Michael Kennedy, Edward Walsh. Continue reading ‘Michael Kennedy: Marathoner’


SI should name Boston its Sportsman of the Year

An email popped in last night that got me thinking – without ever reading it. The title: “My Sportsman: Boston’s David Ortiz.” It is another installment/nominee from Sports Illustrated as the magazine closes in on its choice for Sportsman of the Year, which will be announced Dec. 16.

Ortiz is a good choice. A better one, however, is the city of Boston itself. Continue reading ‘SI should name Boston its Sportsman of the Year’


Special night at Fenway coming

I haven’t been this confident since … Ever.

Not when it comes to the Red Sox.

It has been a special season and I fully expect another special event come Wednesday night. It’s been that type of season. Continue reading ‘Special night at Fenway coming’