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Boston 2017: Time to look back

Constant, forward, motion. Or, confortion, as I like to call it.

The process of running a marathon is all about looking ahead. All the training goes “into the bank” for the big day. When that comes, plans are made for travel to the start, when to get there, when to start hydrating .. all with a nod to the future.

For this year’s Boston Marathon, one of my goals was to look back. It would take some time to get that point, but you never know when you’ll be back. Continue reading ‘Boston 2017: Time to look back’


More to this Challenge

They were either running long distances or traveling them.

For the week, they ran more miles (183.4) than hours (168).

On Sunday in Sydney, 32 runners completed the World Marathon Challenge – running seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.

Some are probably thinking they have a screw loose or just wanted to scream “look at me!” to the world. Continue reading ‘More to this Challenge’


Boston 2016: Thrills, chills, kisses and hugs

kirstenNow for the really hard part; how best to sum up a day of exhilaration, misery, heat, chills, cramps, kisses and hugs. Actually, the process of running the Boston Marathon is never about one day. Or one runner. It’s about months of training and the support you receive after countless (endless?) solo miles. Continue reading ‘Boston 2016: Thrills, chills, kisses and hugs’


Marathon No. 15: More heat trouble

Our journey home began in December of 2011. My father-in-law Wilton was dying at his southern New Hampshire home and we needed to be there for him in his last weeks. We were fortunate – with the help from some very generous friends – to pack up all of our belongings into a 26-foot U-Haul and not hit any snowstorms on our six-day sojourn from Montana.

My wife and I were also fortunate not to have jobs at the time. We could focus all our time and energy on Wilton, who passed away in January. A short time later, we set ourselves up in an apartment in Ayer, Mass., to start our new lives. Continue reading ‘Marathon No. 15: More heat trouble’


Marathon No. 14: An unforgettable year

Some years, my body “takes” to running. Some years not.

There have been years when my legs have felt tired and stale. It happens, since I run year-round.

But 2011 wasn’t one of them. Continue reading ‘Marathon No. 14: An unforgettable year’


Marathon No. 13: Paying homage

There are small-town marathons. And there are small marathons.

And there are three-dollar marathons. OK, there may only be one of those.

The Frank Newman Marathon, which starts in Bozeman, may be the lowest-key marathon ever. And the least expensive. Continue reading ‘Marathon No. 13: Paying homage’


Marathon No. 12: Forgot about the pain

My first marathon as Masters runner (age 40 and up) and my first as a father happened on Aug. 28, 2010. It was three years after my previous one, and everything I remembered from previous marathons came back.

Including the pain. Continue reading ‘Marathon No. 12: Forgot about the pain’