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SI should name Boston its Sportsman of the Year

An email popped in last night that got me thinking – without ever reading it. The title: “My Sportsman: Boston’s David Ortiz.” It is another installment/nominee from Sports Illustrated as the magazine closes in on its choice for Sportsman of the Year, which will be announced Dec. 16.

Ortiz is a good choice. A better one, however, is the city of Boston itself. Continue reading ‘SI should name Boston its Sportsman of the Year’


Sox should lock up Lester – now

Another Sox star bolts for the Yankees. That scenario used to hurt. Not anymore.

When you have the satisfaction of winning ANOTHER World Series (the euphoria from this latest one should’ve lasted longer than it actually did), a player jumping ship to a hated rival doesn’t boil my blood like it used to. Continue reading ‘Sox should lock up Lester – now’