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Newtown/Sandy Hook standing tall

I had the chance to visit Newtown, Conn., on Saturday to interview runners from that town and Sandy Hook, one of the villages that resides there. There are 11 from the area who are running April’s Boston Marathon.

Some are first-timers, others were there last year in the heat. All of them have amazing stories to tell. Continue reading ‘Newtown/Sandy Hook standing tall’


At least there’s Livestrong …

It’s taken five months, but my wife is just now getting around to hanging up around the house our large collection of framed photos. We bought a home in September, but because of a basement renovation project – and the hustle and bustle that comes with Christmas and a 7-year-old – we hadn’t been able to fully unpack.

Most of the pictures are of family or places we’ve visited. And naturally, there are some sports shots. Continue reading ‘At least there’s Livestrong …’


Feelin’ good at 40 (minutes)

I like to call it the “40-minute feel good.”

That’s the point – more appropriately, the feeling – in most of my runs that I Jones for when I take my first trotting steps out of my driveway. Continue reading ‘Feelin’ good at 40 (minutes)’