First post-run run

Today was finally the day; my first run following my marathon last Sunday – exactly one week ago.

My legs have felt fried all week. There was no need to run. There were a few nights where my legs felt OK and I thought “tomorrow’s the day,” but then in the morning, they reverted to their “dead” state again. No biggee.

I’ve felt tired all week. Even with a couple of seven-hours-sleep nights, I still felt the need to take a nap in the early afternoon, knowing that I’d be up late (12:30) because of work that night.

But today I finally felt like getting out. 45 minutes, an hour – something like that. Something easy. Just like the Imagine Dragons tune that’s on the radio right now: “It’s Time”

When it came time to go, I just went. No running shorts, no tech shirt, no stopwatch. I just wore my Dockers-style shorts, a cotton T-Shirt from a race I’d done in Montana and a baseball cap. I felt like a rookie.

That feeling we evident about 10 minutes in when I realized I hadn’t double-knotted my laces. Again, no biggee.

I was a bit warmer than usual, what with my choice of attire. But I was just happy to be out trotting. I headed for some woods and ran along an ATV trail near some power lines. My shoe laces did come undone, but I simply stopped and retied them. No double knot, just tightened. I wasn’t going to be out that long, so they probably wouldn’t get too loose. (They didn’t).

When I got back to my apartment, I had a good bead going and was happy to be done. It was about a 50-minute run. I soon changed out of my sweaty shorts and was on my way to the rest of my day.

90 minutes later, I feel a bit tired, but I don’t think a nap’s in the works. Just glad to “get out” again. Will I run tomorrow? No clue. It’s so instinctive to go running after I get up and walk the dog. But I need to remember not to overdo it. Summer’s just about here and the weather will always be conducive for running. But I’ve run three marathons over the past 12 months, starting with the Frank Newman Marathon in Bozeman. That was this weekend; I missed being at the start line near Bridger Bowl. And this was the first one without Frank, who passed away last year. I always enjoyed seeing Frank at the start with his Montana State University sweatshirt and smile. And always plenty of words of encouragement.

I miss that running community so much. I’ve been back east for five months and have yet to run with anybody expect for the marathon last weekend. The last time I ran with anyone was back in Bozeman when Don Demetriades (bless his heart) organized a farewell run for me and about 13 of us trotted around town. Since then, it’s been all solo.

No biggee.


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