This one’s on me, not Welker

New England, your worst nightmare has returned.

So don’t blame last night’s Super disppointing loss on Wes Welker. The Patriots never had a chance. Not since I moved back to Massachusetts after a seven-and-a-half year stay in Montana.

Let’s see now … in that time, the Red Sox erased 86 years of heartache, the Celtics won their first title since ’86 and the Bruins won the Cup for the first time in 39 years. And, of course, the Pats beat the flightless Eagles in the Super Bowl.

And I was 2,200 miles away from Boston for all those titles. Well I’m back now. And so is the misery.

I arrived in December. Things were good then. The Bruins had won 20 of 24 games. The Pats were bucking the Broncos and the NBA lockout was over. Now take a look. The B’s have lost 6 of 10, the C’s are getting C’s (translation: they’re average), the Sox have no shortstop and the Patriots lost a championship game they could have easily won.

As sports fans, we all think our actions somehow – preposterous or not – affect the games we watch. It’s either what we wear, when we go to the bathroon, or which way we’re facing the TV. Like it really matters.

We all think we can jinx our teams. Well, do the math. I leave for nearly 8 years and five championships are won (2 by the Sox, 1 each for Celts, Bruins and Pats). I come back and … nothing.

We had been planning on moving back here for years, but it was around September that we put our house in Montana up for sale and started packing. Right when the Sox were beginning to blow a nine -and-a-half game wild-card lead.

I’ve only been back for three months, so I’ll give it a while before I really start sensing a trend. But since I don’t envision moving out of New England again anytime soon, you may have to start getting used to another championship drought.

Or maybe Welker makes the catch next time.

My whereabouts hardly matter in this whole equation. Right?

Hey, just warning you.


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