Early to run

I always say there’s nothing like a run to start the day. This time of year, I take that thought quite literally. The Summer Solstice has passed, which means, unfortunately, our days are getting shorter. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

But for the past few days, the sunrises seem stuck at 5:38 and the sunrises at 9:18. Unfortunately, this won’t last forever. Might as well take advantage of it. I’ve been up for four pre-6 a.m. runs already, though that doesn’t mean I’m up with the sun. Because of the Bridger Mountains to the east, Mr. Sun doesn’t actually show his face until about 6:05. That just makes the scenery a bit more dramatic. Last week, the clouds took care of actually seeing the sun, but the color of the Spanish Peaks was almost indescribable; sort of a pinkish-orange. This week, a near full moon was quite visible over the Peaks. Not only is it peaceful at that hour, it’s also beautiful. The best early-morning runs usually happen when I’m up before the alarm, which is usually set for 5:30 when I plan these runs. There are days, however, when the beeping of the alarm startles me awake before I quickly shut it off, in order to not wake up my wife. These are the mornings when I lie there in the dark for a few ponderous seconds, knowing that if I linger much longer, I’ll drift back to sleep, only to wake again at 7. And by then it’s too late, which brings me to the reason why I get up so early – other than the above descriptions. You see, my daughter is usually up by 7, and since she’s not in school or daycare this summer – and my wife has to be out of the house by 7:45, it’s out the door at dawn or nothing. Much to my delight, there are quite a few people out at that hour. Some walking, some biking and some running. It’s always nice to give a little wave, as if to say, “good for you for getting up early.” With my job, I’m usually either coming off a late night (getting home at 11, asleep by 11:30) or going into one. But these early sunrises won’t last forever. It won’t be long before it’s dark until 7. And I always say I’ll keep up this routine into the fall, when it’s cold and pitch black at 5:30. But I never do. By then the affect has worn off. Better still, my daughter will be back at school and I can run at a more decent hour, say 8:30. Until then, I’ll be burning the pre-dawn glow.


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