All’s well again

What’s the best part about being a sports fan? Tomorrow.

It’s just like when you’re a kid; no matter how upset you get about a loss, there’s always another game to play. It could be backyard baseball or table top Yahtzee. There’s always another chance to win.

Now I won’t go all Andy Dufresne on you (Bill Simmons owns all the rights to his “hope” quotes anyway), but that’s what keeps us all going when it comes to our favorite teams.

For me, that’s all things Boston. And in case you didn’t get the memo, the sports universe revolves around Boston.

New York may have the Yankees, but can you guess which sport the Knicks, Rangers and Islanders are playing now? Hint: the same one Tiger Woods isn’t.

For Boston, today is a great day. Not 48 hours ago, however.

Friday was one of the biggest nights in the Hub’s sporting history in a long time. The Bruins and Celtics were in playoff games and the Red Sox were beginning a three-game series with the Yanks at Fenway.

There was a three-pronged excitement not seen in at least 20 years. Sure, there have been some good times in Beantown recently, but the stars haven’t aligned like they did on Friday.

Only one small problem: things didn’t go so well for the B’s, C’s and Sawx. The Celtics were trounced by the Cavs, the Red Sox were equally routed by the Yanks and the Bruins lost in overtime.

The doldrums only continued Saturday (off days for the Celts and Bruins) when the Yanks spanked the Sox again when Mark Teixeira – who could have signed with the Sox last year, but noooooo – hit three homers.

But it’s Sunday night, and all is well again.

The Celtics took out the Cavs and the Red Sox dropped the Pinstripers. Suddenly, Friday night seems like a year ago. Ah, the redemptive power of sports.

For someone who grew up watching Hondo (John Havlicek), I feel like a kid again watching Rondo.

I’m not a huge Celtics fan – yes, I’m fair weather – but how good is Rajon Rondo? Twenty-nine points are one thing; but 18 rebounds!? He’s a 6-1 point guard! And 13 assists? He’s putting up Oscar Robinson numbers.

And then there are the Bruins. They didn’t qualify for the playoffs until the final week of the season, now they’re one win away from playing in the conference finals. If they can get past the Flyers and the Celts can elbow their way past LeBron and Co., the two teams that play at The Garden will appear simultaneously in conference finals for the first time since 1988.

One other side note on the Bruins: They haven’t won the Stanley Cup since I was four.

So we’re a long way from the day when the Bruins (Brian Sutter) and Celtics (Chris Ford) fired their coaches on the same day – in the same building – in 1995.

I realize that this feeling may not last. The Celts are a ways from advancing, the Red Sox are stuck around .500 and the Bruins still have some work to do. It can all change pretty quickly.

Like tomorrow.


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