Boston envy

Thursday was a spectacular morning for a run. Lots of blue sky and sun, but still cool; still jacket weather. After dropping my daughter off at Hyalite Elementary, I headed east toward an eventual dash up the Story Hills.

On my way along Durston Road as I approached the 19th Street intersection, someone in a car who was waiting to exit a bank and pull onto Durston called my name. It was David Summerfield, race director of the Ridge Run. He said he could see me coming “from a mile away” because I was wearing the only wind breaker I own – the black adidas one with fluorescent green stripes. The one that says “1998 Boston Marathon.” We talked a bit about Boston. He told me he’d run it four times. I told him I’d done it three times. We also chatted about how those who are doing Boston probably weren’t running on this glorious morning, and how they are probably envious of anyone out running; how they were probably chomping at the bit, wondering what to do. With the marathon just days away, anyone running Boston it is in taper mode. Which means maybe a 5-6 mile run. Maybe. Soon after, a car was coming up behind David. It was time to end our brief conversation. As I trotted away, all I could think of was: ‘come Monday, I’ll be the one who is jealous.’ I’m glad I didn’t have to worry about training through all the snow we had this winter. But I’ll still be wishing I was in Hopkinton, Mass., on Monday, which is Patriots’ Day there, although the rest of the country probably has no idea what that means. Patriots’ Day is a holiday in Massachusetts. And in Maine. It observes one of the first battles of the Revolutionary War. Schools are out and most people are off from work. It’s a good thing, too. Since the marathon route cuts the eastern part of the state in half, a lot of folks would have trouble getting to the office anyway. Because of the holiday, spectators come out in droves. And the closer you get to the college campuses along the way, the party hardly stops. Hey, it’s a day off from school; what else would you be doing? Studying? It’s the same thing at Wellesley College near the halfway point. Those girls wouldn’t be screaming if class was in session. I’m getting goose bumps – and quite jealous – just thinking about all this. One of the traditions that go along with the marathon is that the Red Sox are playing at the same time. I always loved running by people’s driveways and hearing the game blaring on the radio. And some people will put up tote boards with updates as the miles go by. The last time I ran Boston, in 2006, the Sawx fell behind as the miles began to pile up. Then later I was given a push by the fact they’d won by a run. It was only later I found out it was due to Mark Loretta’s walk-off home run. I can hear Paul McCartney signing now: “Get back, Loretta. You’re mommy’s waitin’.” Another reason I’m a bit jealous is because of Monday’s forecast in Boston. Partly cloudy with a high of 58. It’ll be 72 here, but the high 50s sound like optimal marathon weather. I need to keep my mind off this. I’ve already run today, so what to do? I know: how are the Sox doing?


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