Sitting this one out

I didn’t pick Vanderbilt to win. Or Notre Dame.

Did you? Are you pissed about it?

Truthfully, I didn’t pick those teams to lose, either.

That’s why I’m enjoying the opening hours of the NCAA Tournament. I didn’t make any picks.

If I had, I’d be throwing my pen against the wall, frustrated with all the wrong selections I’d have made. Already.

It’s so much better this way. Normally, I’d be fed up at this point – and there are still two weeks left of this Madness thing.

I pumped my fist when Murray State beat the buzzer – and Vanderbilt – to win a tourney game for the first time in 22 years. It’s always fun watching the lower seed win. But if I had filled out a bracket, I doubt I would have circled Murray State.

And my fist? Well, let’s just say I’d be wanting to put it through a wall now.

With the afternoon’s games just about ending, we’ve seen a double overtime game and a No. 15 seeded (Robert Morris) nearly put up a W. All of you who picked Villanova to go to the Final Four sure must be relieved.

Me? I’m neutral. I’m sitting out the Big Dance. I don’t have any teams I regularly follow, so I’ll happily watch as this all plays itself out. It’s a great bridge to Opening Day.

I’ll root for Vermont, where I once lived. And pull for Montana. But if either the Catamounts or Grizzlies lose, it won’t matter all that much.

OK, now for the real reason I didn’t fill out a bracket: These games are  harder to predict than a 4-year-old’s mood. In fact, I could have mydaughter fill out a bracket and I bet she’d have come away with more wins.

Remember when George Mason made its run to the Final Four a few years ago? There were very few who had GM as a regional champ. One guy who did admitted he thought he was picking George Washington.

That’s what this is sometimes: a complete crap shoot.

That’s also what makes it a challenge – and so very frustrating.

One day, maybe 20years ago, only the 8-9 and 7-10 games were toss-ups. Not any more. Now 13-4 could do either way. Or 14-3.

Murray State, 13th-seeded Murray State that is, won 30 regular season games. They’ll call the Racers’ win over Vandy an upset, but I’m not so sure.

If Arkansas-Pine Bluff beats Duke Friday, that’s an upset.

I bet you picked the Blue Devils to win that one. But if APBU becomes the first 16 seed to win, you’ll be all worked up that your bracket is ruined.

And I’ll just pump my fist.


1 Response to “Sitting this one out”

  1. 1 Joe
    March 28, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    I had Vandy as a sleeper pick going to the final four…that worked out well for me. They just didn’t seem to miss against Fla. and had that combination of big man and outside shooting. Oh, Well.

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